Phone Readings

Phone sessions are now available in English or Spanish!

My psychic readings create an uplifting experience that provides deeper insight into your life, your unique situation as well as the people around you. 

Each session explores the timing of events, options, potential blocks, outside influences, and the ways you can move forward on the life path that is in alignment with your soul purpose.

If you are in need of spiritual support, I can also coach you on how to work with your saints and angels to clear out negativity, reduce stress and create the space for renewed peace and wellness.

Here’s How to Book a Session:

Choose the length of time you’d like for your session and place your order.

I will email you within 1-2 business days to schedule your phone session upon confirmation of payment.

Please note: The services and information provided above are for entertainment purposes. They are not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any physical, mental, or emotional disorder or disease, nor are they meant to replace the advice of a medical professional, lawyer or financial expert. Hannah will not be responsible for any reactions, adverse affects or misuse of use her advice as it is merely guidance that the client chooses to use or not use of his or her own free will.

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