“To tally the number of readings I’ve had in my life would be astronomical. My estimate is close to 60, all with various readers. One fortunate day, I stumbled across Hannah’s attractive, informative and fun website, and before I knew it she was delving deep into my past, uncovering some deep rooted issues, with such concision, that I’ve now been able to address the things that have been holding me back by using the tools she’s given me to move forward and beyond.  
In 2003, I lost my father, and ventured out to Boston, MA to visit a friend in college. I knew from the moment my friends and I landed, Boston is the city I would one day live in. In the beginning of 2006, shortly after I first met Hannah, she asked me in our initial reading if I had interest in moving up North. At the time I resided in Miami, FL and always had intentions of revisiting the four seasons. Hannah blatantly asked if the city I had in mind was Boston. We were well into the reading and she had already disclosed and discussed vital information that had my mouth touching the floor.. but when she asked about Boston in January of 2006, and then later said I would make this transition happen in Spring of 2007, I was rather perplexed and impressed. Perplexed as I was hoping to make that move in March of 2006 and impressed because I gave her no indication I was from up North, nor that I wanted to move to a new city, specifically Boston. With no prospects, no friends, no transferrable job, I found my way and relocated to Boston this past April.
 Hannah’s advice is not only accurate, but also articulated in a way you can respect, digest and trust to be true and soul revealing. Through all the good and bad spiritual advisors I’ve encountered, I confidently say Hannah’s gift is unmistakable and life altering.
 Thank you Hannah!!”
Tee | Boston, MA

“Hannah…thanks again for the excellent reading. I never before had anyone read my cards the way you did and be so on the money! I am glad I met you and that you are blessed with the gifts you have.”
 | New York

“I had a reading with Hannah about a month ago and in my reading she mentioned that she saw a new home for me and I thought to myself and said no way. We can’t afford another home now. She mentioned in my reading she saw it and so I said okay let’s see if this manifests. Well guess what? As of yesterday Sunday, Sept 26, 2004 we put an offer on a house. NEVER in a 100 years would I have thought we would be buying another home. 
I have been Hannah’s client for many years now and her readings are very right on but we all have free will so we have the power to change the outcomes in our lives. 
Hannah’s readings have been instrumental on helping me and keeping me on my life path. Hannah is very caring, honest and open and will not tell you what you want to hear but rather tell you what the cards have to say. Find out for yourself Hannah has fantastic readings. Take it from a loyal customer that has been with Hannah for over 4 years. She’s the best!”

Maggie G.

“I would like to say that Hannah is not only gifted as a reader but also as a friend I’ve come to know online. She has been soooo accurate with her readings when I look back on many readings she has done. She truly is an angel from above and I am happy to know her and would recommend anyone who wants true insight that Hannah is ‘Right on Target’. I feel truly blessed to know her and too if I need insight to anything she is there for me. I look forward to her for many more readings in the future. May God bless you always Hannah.”
Irene | 
Tampa, FL

“Hannah, I loved the reading so much that I’m coming back for more. Thank you very much!!!”
 | Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I find Hannah’s tarot readings to be very helpful. Surprises me how she is ‘right on the money.’ If not at the moment of your reading, you will know shortly after.”
Beckie | 
Scottsville, VA

“Hannah, you are truly a unique individual that generously helped out when I needed it. I want to thank you for your patience, understanding & for your insightful information. There were situations that you knew about that no one really could have known about unless they knew me or my life. I feel blessed to have found you in this life and truly love the work you do. Keep it up!!”

 | Southern CA

“Thank you Hannah, the job came along exactly when you said it would and it’s working out great! The court case came along wonderfully also!”
Eric | Bridgeville, PA

“Hannah has read for me three times. Each time she gets better. She is amazing at how accurate she is. If she tells me something will happen, believe it – it happens! Hannah is a true friend. Give her a chance to prove it.”
Sandy | Indiana

“Dear Hannah: I’ve been saving the email readings I’ve had from you to my filing cabinet and I’ve just finished looking over them. I am still amazed by how good they are, you described my life at the time so accurately. I’ve tried another Internet psychic reading, but it lacked the accuracy, depth, and quality of your readings. 
My life is starting to change for the better. I am much happier now that I moved to my new location and I can see myself achieving every goal that I desire. You stated this to me before I moved and at the time I wasn’t sure it was possible. I hope you and are here for a long time because knowing your guidance is always available brings great comfort to my life.”

Dane | Miami, FL

“I have been reading with Hannah for 2 yrs now and have found her to be right on the money. She is a sensitive and loving person who never forgets you and always brings a smile and calmness to me spiritually when she comes online and says hello. I hope to continue our friendship for many years to come…Peace and love to you Hannah and to all who visit here.”
Dorothy Pinti | Norwalk, CT

“Hi Hannah, I want to thank you for your readings. They have been right on and I will be getting another psychic reading with you very soon. Thanks for your wonderful insight!”
Josie Edley | 

“After the energy healing, it was not more than one day when my eye completely stoppped twitching. It was as if it had never happened and I’d been having the problem for almost two months. Hannah also sent me an in depth follow-up report on her impressions of the session. I have continued following her advice and my problems are diminishing rapidly. Thanks so much Hannah!”

Angela Vasquez

“Great readings….precise and accurate!!”
 | Miami, FL